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Advantages of selling online

Sometimes actualizing a business is more heart breaking than coming up with the idea or spending all that money you have saved for the last ten years. As a result we end up procrastinating or worse, foregoing the whole idea. All this is because of the struggles that come with finding a physical space for a business, which satisfies all your needs.

A good physical space for most entrepreneurs involves one that meets our aesthetics specifications, is very accessible to increase our chances of selling and most importantly one that is very affordable. If you have a business or have tried starting up one, then you know finding any space with at least two of these qualities is close to impossible.

Technology has done it again! The inception of e-commerce has helped solve these and many more issues that we face as entrepreneurs.

So what is e-commerce?

It is the buying and selling of products and services via the Internet. It could be done through websites, social media platforms, online market places and others. There are a myriad of benefits that come with selling on e-commerce websites.

Six Benefits of selling online

1. Faster and more efficient

A seller is always a click away from starting their business. Unlike the scenarios discussed earlier, perfect locations become a problem of the past. For sellers who want to immediately get into business and start getting instant returns for the money invested, then an e-commerce website is the definite solution. In business, time is definitely money!

2. Cuts on the costs of running a business.

The traditional business set up requires insanely high prices on rent and deposit for a physical shop, not forgetting service charges that come along with most premises. A major goal for each business is to cut costs and maximize on the profits, something that can be achieved with the help of e-commerce websites.

3. Wider market reach

Research from the Telecommunications Union estimates that over 3.2 billion of the people in the world, which is approximately half the population of the world, are connected to the internet. In 2017, over 1.7 billion people were involved in online shopping. Selling on e-commerce websites increases chances of reaching customers from every part of the globe.

4. It is a marketing strategy on its own

Before buying anything online, shoppers carry out market research to learn about the variety of products available. Quality products with extensive description of their features are not only likely to sell more but also have a higher appeal on shoppers. Customers are able to learn about products even those that they did not intend to buy and can always revisit the website for purchase. Customers can recommend your product to a friend across the globe, how great!

5. Business growth

Given that so many people are now turning to online shopping and the numbers keep increasing daily, then it is with no doubt that selling on e-commerce websites increases sales as opposed to other traditional forums for selling. This clearly shows that you need to take into consideration of these advantages of selling online.

6. Is it not yet time to update your business?

As an entrepreneur, it is advisable to keep up with upcoming business trends if you are to survive in the ever evolving field. Like technology, business setups eventually become obsolete. I guarantee you selling on an e-commerce website is the solution your business has been waiting for!

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