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Sell Products Online is now not a Decision. It is a Must for Mauritians and the Businesses in Mauritius. It is Now or be ready to lose your business in the years to come.

Sell Products Online

Ten years ago, selling products online was almost ice age for majority of Businesses in Mauritius.

Very few visionaries started planning to move their business or products online.

While others just ignore that option, trying to find the quickest. cheapest and easiest way to sell their products for some quick cash.

Not your fault at all.

You couldn’t know the Future (which is now). Or you had investment difficulties.

Or you had the knowledge but not the tools.


Back to Year 2018 as we speak now.

Whenever we talk about Selling Products Online to someone (not all) in Mauritius…:

“Hey Raj, you need to start selling your products and services online!”

“Yes i have a Facebook Page” Raj replies.

“Abdool, do you sell products online?”

“Yes i have a Facebook Group” Abdool replies.


Now let’s ask Coca Cola.

“Hey Coca Cola, do you sell products online?”

“Of course we do. We take orders from our Website, resellers sell on Amazon, and we keep in touch with our fans through a facebook page, a twitter account.


Sell Products Online is NOT about having a Facebook Page

That’s true. It is not about having a Facebook Page at all.

There has been so many social pages that people have known since the 2000’s , like that MySpace Page, the Hi5 Page, the BEE Page, the Facebook Page and so on.

This is called a SOCIAL PLATFORM. And this is great for Networking which contributes to the Success of a Business. You cannot depend solely on a Social Platform to build a sustainable business.


Let’s work out your Imagination

Imagine you are going to a Party. Who will be at the Party?

Definitely, people who want to party.

While people are Partying, you take your AMC Business Card, you present yourself.

Some people at the Party will tell you: “How much is that AMC?”

Others are thinking what the hell is he selling at the Party, but they don’t want to displease you because they are your friends.

You may get lucky selling one of these AMC to one person at this party.

Let’s conclude. You were invited at the Party, 100 invitees, and you came out with 1 client or none at all.

What the hell? The hell is that dude, you need to learn about Marketing. Where to Market your Business, How to Market your Business, When to Market your Business.

In general, this is how your products or services goes unseen on Facebook. Yes you make 2-3 sales from 100,000 connected Mauritians and you are happy?


I will ask you 3 Questions:

  • Do you want to be a Professional Trader?
  • Do you want to run Sustainable Business?
  • Do you want to Sell Products Online?
  • Do you have a Shop in Real Life?
  • Are you a Supplier of Goods?
  • Are you into Import/Export?
  • Do you sell Services like Photography, Plumbing or Real States etc?

Then start selling on It is always a race.


Why Sell Products Online on focusses on “Making Everything Sell”.

This includes:

  • WHERE to sell
  • HOW to sell
  • WHEN to sell
  • WHAT to sell

Also includes:

  • WHERE to market / advertise your products & services
  • HOW to market / advertise your products & services
  • WHEN to market / advertise your products & services
  • WHAT to market / advertise your products & services


We provide you a platform to sell your products or services

We teach you how to build a Sustainable Business

We Market / Advertise your products & services


These look like things you already know, right? May be.

But are you doing it the right way?

If YES, then i assume you are a Digital Marketer, Marketing Consultant, Product Analyst etc and you won’t lose your time selling products.

Do you have enough time to do it?

If YES, then your Business has not grown since decades. If not you would hire a PRO to do it for you.



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