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Online Shopping Mauritius

The world is slowly but gradually adapting a new lifestyle of doing everything via the Internet and online shopping is one of those things.

Online shopping has shifted from being a luxury to a part of our lives with more than 1.16 billion people in the world resorting to this new way of shopping.

The case is not very different here in Mauritius.

Even though the country is among the many that are yet to fully take up the activity, there has been an increase in the reception of e-commerce in the country over the years. Several e-commerce websites like OnlineMarket, PriceGuru, Shoponline, just but to mention a few, have come up in the past five years or so.


Research about Online Shopping Mauritius

Several researchers have taken it upon them to carry out extensive researches on the trends surrounding e-commerce websites in the country.

One such research was done in an attempt to understand the perception of customers and sellers towards e-commerce in the country.


This was achieved by understanding the behaviors of both parties that is;

  1. Online purchasing trends from wholesale and retail shops and
  2. Implementation of e-commerce for wholesale and retail sellers in the country. This research yielded the following results;


During the last Housing census held in 2011, 27.9% of the households in Mauritius had Internet connection.

In 2012, the household internet connections in the country increased by 53.8%.

Out of the respondents who took part in this survey, 62% of them were connected to the Internet while 38% had no connections.

  • 100% of the survey sample admitted to prefer online shopping due to its 24/7 availability.
  • 94% of the population loved that it saves time.
  • 78% of the respondents loved that e-commerce shopping gave them a wider scope to choose from as well as they could easily compare the products.
  • 7% of the respondent reported to be very satisfied while 5% were satisfied with shopping. Further studies show that customers who are satisfied with this means of shopping are likely to be loyal and purchase gods often.
  • When shopping in a physical shop, customers are most interested in the price of the commodity and the quality of the product. Very little attention is paid to the salesman and the presentation. This means that e-commerce websites have an equally high chance to do well.


Given the results of this study among many others, there is so much hope for e-commerce platforms in Mauritius. The first step for both sellers and customers is to join an Online Shopping Mauritius platform that offers a good layout, payment methods, easy navigation and delivery services among others.

Which is why, a group of talented and committed website developers, designers and entrepreneurs in Mauritius, Determinds Co Ltd have come together to create an e-commerce website which will offer the best of services to the citizens of Mauritius & Global. not only intend be the best e-commerce website in Indian Ocean but put the country in the economic map in the world. Watch out for more information concerning this amazing project!

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