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The biggest challenge for any entrepreneur is to increase sales while not incurring additional expenditures. Sometimes, not even putting in more capital can help improve our business and when this happens then it is time to go back to the drawing board and change our business structure.

Research shows that in 2017 over 4.7 billion people were connected to the Internet, which is more than half of the world. This makes the Internet one of the largest marketplaces in the world.


Here are some quick statistics on technology and e-commerce which prove why e-commerce is your best shot at a better business.

In 2017, approximately, 1.66 billion of the 4.7 billion connected to the internet, were involved in some form of online shopping. The more people that are connected to the Internet, the higher the number of potential online shoppers. E-commerce, gives you the opportunity to reach customers over half the world’s population.

There has been a need for fast access of products and services by the new generations, the millennials and the generation- Z. There is a rise of a new age that is well versed with the Internet and crazy about shopping anything that is trendy. These are the same people who make the highest number of online shoppers.


The total amount of revenue made from e-commerce as of 2017 was 2.3 trillion U.S dollars. Economists say that by 2021, the total sales will sky rocket to approximately 4.48 trillion U.S dollars. Why would you not want to be part of the worlds biggest of money makers? Still not convince that your need to Start Selling Online, people of Mauritius?

A survey carried out in 2015 showed that approximately 60% of the online shoppers do it via mobile phone devices. Given that cell phones are easily portable and easy to use it is obvious that most people will use them to access e-commerce services.


The deal keeps getting better! Other than most people using smartphones to shop online, research shows that before the end of 2018, at least 36% of the world will own smartphones. More smartphones means more people who are connected to the Internet and more potential customers, which is what your business needs.


Out of every four online shoppers, at least one shops once a week. Imagine out of the1.66 billion people shopping online, one shopper out of four is likely to shop once every week. Can it get any better!


Shoppers prefer to shop at their own time and to compare across various stores and prices. Nothing gives your customers the motivation to shop like knowing that they can access hundreds of products at the comfort of their homes. This can only be achieved via e-commerce. It is the best way for vendors to increase sales.


After checking these statistics, I am convinced that you want to increase sales in your business. Now drop the worry that you have to pay exorbitant charges to be part of, because we will soon be the First Competitive Online Market in Mauritius! We will provide you with this and even better services to help your squash those business goals. Let’s do this!

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