How to Start an Online Business in Mauritius

How to Start an Online Business in Mauritius, is easy. is the solution to your Online Business. Start Making Money.

How to Start an Online Business in Mauritius

Starting a Business in Mauritius – Online Business can be easy and at the same time challenging for some people. For ages i have been hearing that a person need to have lot’s of money to start a Business. This has never been the case.


The more a person learns and acquire knowledge, he thinks differently.

Youngsters in Mauritius (between 16 years to 18 years) had started their Online Business 2-3 years ago. And they can now feel a little secure that are are able to get some quick bucks.

This has been easy for some ” young businessmen ” or for some people who were never computer sawvy.

That will not be the case in the years to come. There will be more and more competition. So you all need to be ready for that. ” How to Start an Online Business in Mauritius ” is what you need to learn now.


Online Business – The Famous Facebook Page

I continue to emphasize that to have a sustainable Online Business, a person needs to think outside the box. Ok, well, 4-5 years ago, you were the only ones to know how to use a Facebook Page. You have been able to place your pictures, market your business. Today is not the same.

Other people know it too. They too have their Famous Facebook Page.

Note: Online Business is not just having a Facebook Page where you post the products you sell, or the services you provide or your portfolio. Online Business is much more than that.


How to Start an Online Business in Mauritius – Stepwise

1. Think about your Skills

Take a pen, write down all your skills. What are the things you can do and you excel at? It is very important that you discover your skills before engaging into a business.


2. Merge Passion with Business

Make your passion become your business. If you are not passionate about something, you will leave it some day or you will be force to leave it. Do you like painting? Are you interested in Fashion? You can’t leave without codes? What is your passion? Find it, mould it!


Example: If you are passionate about Painting, you can begin a Painting Online Class where you can teach students. Or you can sell your paintings and make money. You will never be fedup.

Don’t do this : You should not be just buy things and sell. If this is not your passion, you will fail, you will be down when things go wrong. If you have seen people buy stuffs and sell them later, this is their passion. They excel at that. It is their passion.


3. Research is Important

Do some research about your passion and other business similar like you want to do. Walk around Mauritius and survey people to get the precise information possible. You will have all the data before your eyes and you will be able to focus deeply on what you want to do and how you can take it online.


4. Topup your Computer Knowledge

If you don’t know anything about computer / internet and all you know is Facebook, then you have to start learning. The internet has lot’s of great information on How to Start a Business Online. You need to learn some tricks and tips about basics of computer; like formatting a computer, writing great articles on microsoftword, knowing about Virus and AntiVirus, some basic HTML coding and so on.

Think it is too much? Yes it is soooo much that you need to learn. Fortunately there are platforms like and others which are planned by Software Engineers and Professional Marketers to ease your life.


5. Take out your Savings and Invest

If you want to Start an Online Business in Mauritius, you should start investing. Investment is necessary for online or offline business. People always comes to a mindset that they will start a business without investing. Investment is at each corner of a business. Investment means Time & Money.


6. Time is Precious

If When you start building an Online Business in Mauritius, time is very important. You should invest much time. It is not like the days you were young, you had nothing to do and you were just letting time fly.


6. Build your Website, Register in Directories, Get your Facebook Page, Sell on OnlineMarket

ITo be successful online and to build a sustainable business, you need to have the necessary assets or tools. A website is very important for

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