Fashion Clothes and Consumer Behaviour

Fashion Clothes and Consumer Habits

The Fashion Clothes industry in Mauritius accounts for quite a big percentage of the e-commerce industry. In 2014, women’s fashion alone contributed about 62% of the Clothing industry, which was a positive increase by 12% since the last five years.

Given the increase in use of Internet, access to smart devices and the need to venture into fashion, it is with no doubt that clothing consumption has increased ever since.

There have been many lifestyle changes that have contributed to people’s views towards clothing and fashion in general. The most impactful of all of them was spead by using Internet and eventually social media applications which are greatly responsible for spread of fashion trends around the globe.

Other than that, usual factors, price, brand, quality, aesthetic value, marketing, affecting buying clothes, consumer behavior plays a huge role.

Consumer Behaviour in Fashion Clothes

Consumer behavior is in turn influenced by personal, psychological and cultural factors. Personal factors include an individual’s age, sex, level of income, level of education as well as their marital status. Cultural factors could include family, social class and peers among others.

Psychological factors like an individual’s personality, perception and attitude play a huge role in their purchasing behaviors. Most important of these factors is the motivation and attitude of the individual which are influenced by factors like marketing and branding.


These findings are clear evidence that as an online seller in the fashion department, you need to heavily invest on marketing, keeping up with trends and creating a strong brand since these are the main motivating factors for buyers.
Most sellers will choose to venture into both women’s and men’s fashion which is a good way to spread risk. Most factors addressed above speak for the general clothing department.

Research however shows that there are varying consumption behaviors in men and women. Their motivation and attitude towards clothes is totally different. Understanding these differences is a step closer to doing well in both markets for an interested seller.

Some Categories of Fashion Clothes :

Women’s Clothing

Blouses & Shirts


Evening Dresses



Wedding Dresses


Did you know?

  • Most women shop for clothes to boost their spirits, while men shop to conform to fashion.
  • Factors that greatly influence the purchasing power of consumers include; economic stability, quality of clothes, status, cultural values, family and friends and the psychological condition of the individual, in that order. Women are highly likely to be affected by these factors than men.
  • Most men than women believe that fashionable clothes make them stand out.
  • Women are more likely to buy clothes that they feel are fashionable while men are most likely to buy clothes that are from reputable brands.


From the findings discussed above it is with no doubt that the clothing merchandise is one of the most promising ventures.

Additionally, it is quite clear that the two most influential factors in both men’s and women’s clothing is fashion and brands. While women focus on fashion and trends, men focus more on brands.

As an Online Seller of Fashion Clothing you should take advantage of this knowledge to ensure that your products for these two groups cut across their expectations

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