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ecommerce store is for whom?

[A] Do you have a store/shop in Mauritius? You have lot’s of products? You want to sell quickly online? Creating an Ecommerce Store Mauritius on will be good in the long term for your business. Take pictures of your product, put the price and people will buy. You will get paid directly to your Bank Account or Via Juice by MCB.

[B] You take orders? Briani? Catering? Cakes? Take pictures of your cakes or briani, Create an Ecommerce Store Mauritius on and people will order from you. You will get paid directly to your Bank Account or Via Juice by MCB.

[C] You don’t have the products in hand, you import products, you dropship products, i.e you take orders first then you bring the products for your clients? Great, Create an Ecommerce Store Mauritius on and get paid directly to your Bank Account or Via Juice by MCB. is run by Determinds Co Ltd, a company registered with the Government of Mauritius. All your purchases are safe with us. We are always ready to advise you how to make more sales. Create a Store on , Get the Platinum Package (Rs300/Monthly , i.e Rs3,000/Yearly).


You have started a business, you are working very hard to push it to the next level. That’s very nice.

What about Planning for tomorrow?

If you are an Experienced Businessman, you may already know how many deals, orders and sales you have missed. Also the numerous mistakes you have done in your Accounting and Investment.

If you still don’t know what we are talking about here, then you will not be interested until you meet these obstacles in your business.

Here it is. You will strive hard, very hard to make your business flourish. Your business will grow and you won’t be able to take the change. You will get several orders. You will miss orders. You will get hundreds of messages which you will be late in replying. Thus, your clients will turn their backs. And you will push harder to get other clients… and yessssss… the scenario keeps going on and on.


So, what’s the solution?

ecommerce store

Join the Powerful Engine of that will let you have control over your Online Business.

Create Your Ecommerce Store Mauritius Now >> 


Why should i? I already have a Facebook Page.

ecommerce store

Oh yeah, that’s the cliche answer of most people who have just known about “Selling Online”. But, think again, why there are so many people over the world selling on Ebay, Aliexpress, Shopify and so on? Are they mad? Don’t they have brains? Don’t they have the so called Facebook Page?

Great Businessmen, invested online years ago. And now they are cherishing their success.

How many sales are you making on Facebook Page? 2 sales? 10 sales a day? Congrats. “oune reci tir ou zourner”

If you are looking to “pou tir ene zourner”, keep going. Till one day, you wake up and your business is gone.

Haven’t it gone yet? I am sure you are feeling the decrease in your sales with your Facebook Page.


How benefits the Seller/Vendor?

First of all is a product of Determinds Co.Ltd. We are a company, we’ve got your back.

[1] You will have an Organised Store

Your customers will have a perfect view of your products and different categories you have, whether they are Shoes, Jeans, Jewels. They never disappear. You don’t have to share or post again and again for others to see your products. You can upload up to 700 products to sell.

ecommerce store

[2] You will have a Powerful Dashboard

You can control your stocks, products, money, sales reviews and more.

ecommerce store

[3] You will have a Perfect view of the Products you have uploaded

You can edit, delete any products anytime. Easy to search.

ecommerce store

[4] You can create Coupon on Specific Products or whole Store

Let’s say you want to give discount to specific people. You will give them a Coupon Code that they will palce to get the discount.

ecommerce store

[5] You will get a Full Documented Report about your Online Store

It gives you a report almost about everything on your Ecommerce Store Mauritius.

ecommerce store

[6] You will be able to set your Shipping Fee

Shipping / Delivery Fee varies from places to places. You can customise these Fees for different places.

ecommerce store

[7] You will have to enter your Bank Account Details

The money receives from the sales you have made will be transfered to your bank.

ecommerce store

[8] You will be able to withdraw your money

You will see the amount of money you have made, you can withdraw all, or part of it. This is up to you.

ecommerce store

[9] You will have a Verified Badge with a Unique URL

  • If you Sell Products it will be :
  • If you Sell Products on Order it will be :

A Verified badge means that knows you, and we guarantee that you are not a scammer who fools people.

Example : MagasinPrefere.MRU.Store 

[10] Video of your Shop / Store / Business

We will make a Video on your Store / Business / Shop (If you Register for the Platinum Package i.e Rs3,000/Yearly)

[10] Some General Services you get on

>> Security Department
There is a TEAM securing the systems from hackers / thiefs


>> HelpDesk
If you need any kind of advice to use our systems, we are here to help you. We help customers to find the stuffs they need also.


>> AntiFraud
We make our best to ensure that there is no Fraud going on the Anyone using Debit / Credit Cards not for them, we try to find out. We ban people making FAKE transactions.


>> General SEO
Helping your products / services to stand out on the WorldWideWeb.


>> Keeping your Money Safe
We keep your money and transaction safe until you withdraw.


>> Rewards
We rewards the Best Sellers & Buyers


NOTE: For these additional services you pay a Service fee of 3% when you make a sale. Example, if you sell a product for Rs1000, we charge you 3%, that is Rs30. (Platinum Package)


Make the Right Decision – Create your Ecommerce Store Mauritius

Ecommerce Store Mauritius


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